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Duck Tape Festival -- Avon, Ohio

This was my first visit to the Duck Tape Festival in Avon. The dates for 2015 were June 19, 20 and 21, the festival is always held on Father's Day weekend. As soon as we arrived at Veteran's Memorial Park it was clear that this festival was incredibly well organized. There was parking on site and there were volunteers directing parking and even though we arrived near the beginning of the festival on the 19, there were quite a few cars already parked. The first thing we did was stop at the Ducktivities Arts and Crafts Tent. We had a multitude of patterned duck tape to choose from and there were instructions for making wallets, belts, roses, etc. I crafted an owl purse (there were no instructions, but there was a picture of this design on the wall of the tent) and Dave made a wallet from the instructions provided. It was pretty easy to make our creations and Dave thought the instructions were easy to follow.  From the Ducktivities Arts and Crafts Tent, we went o