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White House Fruit Farm -- Canfield, OH

Two weekends ago Dave and I visited White House Fruit Farm in Canfield with some friends. It was a picture perfect weekend. This weekend is the last weekend to enjoy the fall activities, but the market will remain open throughout the year. Aside from hosting a variety of fall activities, White House Fruit Farm also hosts a Strawberry Festival and a Blueberry Festival in the summer. The only frame of reference I had for White House Fruit Farm was the obsession everyone has with the Blueberry Doughnuts. Although White House Fruit Farm was incredibly packed when we arrived our goal was to check out the store, purchase donuts, and then explore the grounds. White House Fruit Farm has been family owned since 1815 and their produce/products as well as other local products are sold in the market. The market is located in a renovated barn, so you don't realize the sheer size of it until you're on the inside. We made sure to purchase a glass of apple cider to split while we

Eat. Purr. Love. Cat Cafe -- Columbus, OH

Eat Purr Love Cat Cafe opened a little less than a month ago in Columbus. Cat cafes originated in Taiwan and became popular with tourists. The idea then spread to Japan, and picked up momentum worldwide. Eat Purr Love is modeled after those Asian cafes. Make sure to arrive early to park (we had no issue getting street parking around 11:00 a.m. on Sunday) and to review the rules. Food and beverages are available for purchase at Eat Purr Love, but due to Health Department regulations all food is prepared off site by Pattycake Bakery . The treats are also vegan. You can purchase bottled beverages or have hot coffee prepared for you. After you pay your $10.00 per person cover fee and learn the rules you're able to enter The Cat Lounge. Visits to the Cat Lounge are an hour in length and reservations are highly recommended -- Eat Purr Love restricts the number of people in the Cat Lounge per hour time slot in order to minimize stress on the cats. Entering the Cat Lo