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art-A-palooza -- Green, OH

This past Saturday before we went to PorchRokr in Akron, we visited art-A-palooza in Green. This was the 12th annual event that takes place at Boettler park in Green. This one day event showcases local artists and helps provide scholarship opportunities for the community.  It was a beautiful 90 degree day when art-A-palooza took place, Green is our new home base, so I was excited to have the opportunity to review an event in Green. Boettler Park has ample parking, we were easily able to park in the parking lot near the play ground. Sometimes parking at large events is a pain, so I'm glad that we were able to do so with little issue. The exhibitor tents circled the lake at Boettler Park, we just followed the path around. At previous art events I've found that a lot of artists really don't want you to take photos of their work, so I refrained from taking photos of the contents of individual tents (for the most part). We looked at all of the vendors, but rather qu

PorchRokr -- Akron, OH

This was our first year attending the PorchRokr Music and Art Festival in Highland Square. Dave and I are U Akron alums, so we have many Facebook friends who were posting about attending PorchRokr which inspired us to attend as well. Social media hands down is one of the biggest driving forces of attendance at events such as this -- I don't live in the Akron area, and only go to Akron to attend events, so finding out about this via Facebook was perfect for us. If you're not familiar with the concept of PorchRokr (and I was only vaguely familiar due to an event my brother-in-law plays at in the Boston area). Akron's PorchRokr is hosted in Highland Square and "transforms the verandas of one of Akron's most historic and eclectic neighborhoods into one-day art studios and concert venues.130 diverse musicians and artists, using both area residences and business establishments as their personal stage." According the the hosts of PorchRokr, each year the festiv

Brunch at One Red Door -- Hudson, OH

Last Sunday Dave and I went to brunch in Hudson at One Red Door. Aside from their traditional lunch and dinner menu, One Red Door serves brunch every Sunday from 10 am-3 pm. Part of the reason we decided to visit, aside from our love of brunch, was that Dave and I both really enjoy  3 Palms Pizzeria  and FlipSide in Hudson. The owner of 3 Palms Pizzeria and FlipSide also owns One Red Door, so we had high expectations for our brunch. We arrived slightly before they opened for the day, because we wanted to make sure to get a seat on the patio. It was a little warm out last weekend, but the weather was gorgeous.  First order of business was ordering a mimosa, One Red Door also has a Bloody Mary Bar available during brunch if that's your brunch cocktail of preference. We both decided to order savory dishes for our meal, so we split an order of the Warm Coffee Cake with Pineapple Rum Glaze, in order to get something a little sweet as well. I think we were b

Suzie's Dogs and Drafts -- Boardman, OH

We loved living five minutes away from our good friends Steph and Preston, but our jobs took us in different directions so now we're about a 45 minute drive away from each other. Although it's a little more difficult for us to get together, it's given us a great opportunity to try new places. Last time we visited Steph and Preston they sent us a list of five potential night out locations, Susie's Dogs and Drafts had just opened a second location in Boardman and I love restaurants with a unique concept. Susie's puts the customer in the culinary creativity seat, each person is provided with a checklist to create their meal. We selected the $6 vegan dog as our canvas each time -- you also have a traditional hot dog and a local hot dog to choose from. Your burger is nestled in a Chicago style or New England Style Bun and then there is a list of fifty possible toppings and the sky is the limit on your hot dog -- toppings range from mac and cheese, to crickets, to co