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affoGATO Cat Café -- Cleveland, OH

It's finally here! Cleveland's first cat cafe. Affogato opened on January 2nd and we made reservations for January 5th. Since our visit last week they have already made adjustments to the space (profile boards for each of the cats), have already celebrated some adoptions, and added new cats. Affogato is located in Tremont and occupies Lilly's Handmade Chocolate's former building. While walk-ins are welcome if there is availability, but at this time making a reservation online is probably the best way to ensure that you will have a spot. When we first arrived we selected coffee from their cat themed menu. Dave had a Tuxedo Cat (mocha) and I had a Catpawccino (with flavoring). And we ordered two macarons. You are able to bring coffee into the cat lounge and if your reservation starts before your coffee is ready your order will be delivered to you. Your reservation will get you one hour in the cat lounge and costs $12 for a weekend reservation. We enjoyed the styl

Fire & Ice First Friday -- Canton, OH

Happy New Year! We spent the first weekend of 2019 enjoying the variety of things to do in our area. Friday night was devoted to attending First Friday in Canton, every first Friday of the month has a theme and January is typically Fire & Ice. First Friday is free and designated stops are clearly marked (you can also find this information on the Canton First Friday website). The weather on Friday was pretty good and our group arrived in downtown Canton around 7:00 PM and easily found street parking. Due to the DORA (designated outdoor refreshment area) in Downtown Canton we headed over to Basil to pick-up drinks. DORA allows you to purchase alcoholic beverages from participating establishments in a special cup and then walk around outside with them. It was the perfect addition to our First Friday and every restaurant we stopped at downtown was packed. There were still a few ice sculptors working when we arrived downtown but for the most part our night was spent walking