Kent Art & Wine Festival -- Kent, OH

Last Saturday was the 10th Annual Art and Wine Festival in downtown Kent. This was our second year attending the festival and this is one of our favorite summer events. The layout is very easy to navigate and it's free admission. We were able to pay for one set of tasting tickets and then split the samples between the two of us. For $20 you got a commemorative tasting glass and ten tastes, you could purchase additional tastes for $1 each.

Participating wineries included:  Barrel Run Crossing; Gervasi Vineyard; Grape and Granary; Maize Valley; The Winery at Wolf Creek; Troutman Vineyards; It's Your Winery; and McAlpine Meadery.

I worked early in the afternoon, so we arrived in the early evening when Opus 216 was playing on the main stage.

We enjoyed samples from the Winery at Wolf Creek first, we always appreciate some Original Sin. The commemorative glasses featured many artsy black squirrels this year, it will go nicely with our black squirrel tasting glasses from last year and our black squirrel beer stein.

We were excited to find It's Your Winery based out of Medina, we had never had their wine before and loved the Granny Smith's Orchard (Green Apple Riesling), Endless Summer (Strawberry Watermelon White Shriaz); and After Dinner Joe (Port Style Wine with Coffee).

As you can see from the list above, we spent many of our tickets on It's Your Winery samples, I even purchased a few bottles to take home.


We always appreciate Sweet Heat from Grape and Granary, this year this Watermelon Jalapeno wine was just a little too spicy for us, but we're excited to see how the batch turns out next year.

We stopped at the McAlpine Meadery table, maybe I'm a mead snob, but the mead from McAlpine is the only mead that I enjoy. I had tried their Orange Blossom Mead at Vintage Canton the week prior, so I thought I would check out a different sample -- despite hating all other meads before I enjoyed this sample too.


We love Barrel Run Winery and Crossing, we've tried all of their wines and the sample lines at their station were very long, so we didn't get a chance to stop at their table. We're looking forward to the new wines they have coming out throughout June!

Our last stop was at the Premier Crepes truck for a S'mores Crepe. We wanted to check out the art tables, but we didn't get more than a passing glance at the vendors before it started raining.

I appreciate that there is no cost to enter the event, although other wine tasting events we've attended have been less family friendly which we sometimes appreciate as a couple with no children, the energy at the Kent Art & Wine Festival is nice. The two of us really don't need ten tasting samples each, so it's also great that one person can tag along and we can share the samples. I wish we had more time to visit the art vendors, but the rain made that pretty unpleasant.

My rating for Kent Art & Wine Festival:


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