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Festival of Sail (Guest Appearance by Mama Duck) -- Sandusky, OH

The Festival of Sail in Sandusky, Ohio had a massive increase in popularity this year due to the addition of the travelling Mama Duck (largest rubber duck in the world) who made Lake Erie her bathtub for four days in Northwest Ohio. Due to my constant Googling of the weather in Sandusky for the weekend and the details of this Festival I've had ads showing up to me constantly and the distances people drove to attend are astounding -- I've seen multiple people comment about 8+ hour drives just to visit Sandusky for Mama Duck. The Festival of Sail is still going on now and this is the last day to visit the ships and Mama Duck before they all head off. The event was slated for July 12-15 and hours varied from 11am-7 pm to 9am-5pm. Due to Sandusky being an hour and a half away from us and our crazy schedule this week our only opportunity to head out to Sandusky was Saturday morning and I considered it a must on our to-do list. We arrived in Sandusky at 8:50 am and had zero iss