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Saturday and Sunday HEARD•AKRON took over Northeast OH through the generous support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Ohio Arts Council and Akron Civic Commons. We attended the performance on Sunday outside of the Akron Art Museum. The performance features "sound suits" created by artist Nick Cave which have been on display at the Akron Art Museum since February and will be displayed through the beginning of June. The wearable sculptures created by Cave are made of raffia and each is made up of two dancers. The band, vocalists, and dancers were all local performers that brought the sounds suits to life for the few hundred people in attendance.  We found out about this event through Facebook and I'm so glad that we decided to attend. The weather was perfect and the performance was delightful. From the vocalists entering the performance space to the last sound suit exiting back into the museum, the total run of the show was about thirty minutes. We arri

Ramp Up Peninsula -- Peninsula, OH

Yesterday was the 7th annual Ramp Up Peninsula festival in Peninsula, OH. Ramps (also known as rampson or wild leeks) are a wild herb which grows in the Eastern US and Canada . They are available in the spring for a short period of time which lends to their popularity. Ramps have a rich onion and garlic flavor. Ramp Up Peninsula celebrates all things ramp with fresh ramps for sale, all sorts of ramp edibles, and presentations on CSAs and other wild Ohio edibles. The festival is outdoors and takes place along Main Street in Peninsula. This was our first time attending but throughout the day we heard from many regular attendees who were surprised about the nice weather (apparently this weekend is typically rainy and cold). The first thing we did was seek out ramps, all ramps at the festival are sold at $16 per pound, for several recipes to make this week. Check out Vegetarian and Cooking  later this week to see how we used our ramps. I'm hoping to make three to four recipes