About + Disclaimer

Hi, my name's Alecia. I'm Ohio born and raised. I have a pretty healthy obsession with my home state and I've never been able to figure out why people describe Ohio as a fly-over-state, because there's so many cool things to do here.


When recounting a recent festival trip to a close friend of mine in 2015, she suggested that I start a blog of all of the interesting places that I go to in Ohio.

We rarely stay in on the weekend, we're always headed to classes, festivals, hikes, restaurants, and tours. This blog will mainly showcase Ohio based locations, but occasionally I'll add a location in a neighboring state that would make for a fun road trip.

If you're from Ohio, look no further for something cool to do on the weekend. If you're living outside the Buckeye state, don't miss out on all we have to offer next time you're nearby. Enjoy my little slice of life.

Disclaimer: All reviews and opinions are 100% my own. I may love somewhere that you hate and hate somewhere that you love, experiences vary based on a multitude of factors. 


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