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One Love Yoga & Boutique -- Kent, OH

I checked out two classes at One Love Yoga & Boutique in Kent this week -- I made sure to choose two different classes and two different instructors to give you the best review possible. If I wasn't so busy this week, I would have taken a few more classes to share my experience with you, but two gave me a pretty good idea of the studio. I felt as though I was being a little biased because I take a yoga class with Christine Luketic (check out her yoga website here ) at a different location every week, but Dave rarely gets to attend, so I have his opinion of that as well as my opinion of the other class. The first class I attended was Sunday night, Christine was subbing for another yoga teacher for Restorative Yoga. The One Love website states that Restorative Yoga is for all levels of practice and describes the class as follows: Restorative yoga is a style accessible for all levels of students.  The class has a gentle approach and focuses on breathing and meditating wh

Deck the Hall at Stan Hywet -- Akron, OH

This isn't the first time I've attended an event at Stan Hywet (check out my review of the  Twilight and Flashlights  event from August). Dave and I also had previously visited in June while the Bloom sculptures were in place. I've not been disappointed while attending any other events, but this time we had additional critics in tow -- we went with my best friend, her husband, and her four year old daughter. The Deck the Hall event takes place on select evenings from after Thanksgiving until January 2nd. You can get the full schedule here . Tickets can be purchased online or at Stan Hywet on the evening of the event. We found out that the parking at Stan Hywet will quickly fill up, there is a shuttle available to and from the grounds if you park in an auxiliary lot (follow the signs). Dave was able to find parking on a nearby side street, but if you have children, it will be easier to just take the shuttle. At 5:30 p.m. each night of Deck the Hall there is a t