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Home Again Flowers -- Hartville, OH

Home Again Flowers opened their farm stand in April 2018 and the farm stand is currently open Monday through Friday until the end of September. The premise is simple, you can stop by the farm stand and pick-up an already created bouquet. During the week the farm stand is self-serve and located on Andrews St. NW.

In July 2018, Home Again Flowers opened the you-pick-flower patch. On Friday mornings from 9 am - noon; Friday nights from 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm; and Saturday morning from 9 am - noon you can attend a you-pick event through the end of September. The flower field is about half an acre in size and parking is accessible on the north side of the Hartville Flea Market. Home Again Flowers has everything you need for your visit -- flower snips, containers of water to hold while you meander around the field, even vases for purchase if you forget to bring your own.

In addition to what is available at the farm stand/you-pick patch, the owner of Home Again Flowers is deeply involved in soci…

Innerbelt National Forest -- Akron, OH

Every once in a while there's an event that just stands out with so much wow factor that I need to go see it in person. This specific project is a little difficult to explain without using the creator's words:
"In 2015, The League of Creative Interventionists hosted a 500 person community meal on the Innerbelt Freeway and asked residents from all over the City of Akron what they wanted to see in the future of the space once it closed to automobile traffic. 87% of the participants wanted a space for connection and nature. In 2018, we are creating a temporary green public space on an adjacent section of the decommissioned freeway to test this idea and gain valuable insight for a potential permanent green public space on the freeway. The Innerbelt National Forest will feature 90 trees, trails, and events that seek to create a connection between the Downtown and West Hill neighborhoods and provide a shared space for residents to come together. The forest will be activated f…