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Grapes in a Glass is a wine bar and art gallery which is located in downtown Canton. This was my second time visiting Grapes in a Glass, the first time was during a First Friday event last July. If you've ever attended First Friday in Canton, you know it can be a little hectic, so I was happy to have time to enjoy the venue without a crowd of people.

You get to choose your own seating at Grapes in a Glass. I thought about choosing the seating at the front of the room, because the couch looked really cozy.

However, through the main room and past the bar area, there is a little off-shoot room with two tables. The room has wine bottles all over the walls. The friend we went out with is working on learning more about wine, so I thought it would be cool to sit in our own little wine bottle alcove.

Dave and I are not wine connoisseurs by any means.  The menu is divided into flights which have been pre-arranged by the sommelier. You can also purchase wines by the glass or bottle.

I prefer sweeter wines, so our first flight was the Sweet Heart which included Manzoni Moscato, Sweet Rosé -- Casina Ca'Rossa, Birbet -- Mure, Gewurztraminer. (Shown below from right to left).

Jessica (the awesome Grapes in a Glass employee who took care of us last night, but I'm unsure of her job title) also brought over the bottles from our flight so that we could take a look at them. Although I'm not a wine connoisseur, I do like to look at the descriptions to see what flavor notes to look for in the wine I'm drinking. I'm also a visual person, so I really like to look at the labels on the wine bottles, some are incredibly creative.

For food, Grapes in a Glass offers a small menu that you can order off of -- including cheese, crackers, olives, etc. You can also order from Kabab and Curry, Napolis Pizza, Basil or any other local restaurant. Grapes in a Glass has menus for most nearby places if you're looking for a more substantial meal. We ordered food from Basil and even though we offered to walk next door to pick it up, they delivered it to us at our table in Grapes in a Glass.

Sushi + Wine
The second flight that Dave and I split was the Fresh Whites which included Seven Hills, Riesling -- Flint and Steel, Sauvignon Blanc -- Bosco del Cirmioli. Pinot Grigio

Our friend who is more interested in the finer aspects of wine, asked Jessica to create flights for him to do a blind taste of -- meaning he didn't know what type of wine was being given to him, so that he could improve his wine knowledge by guessing the grapes used, type of wine, region the wine was from, etc. This was fun for everyone involved, it was a pretty slow night, so Jessica got to use her creativity to test Dennis, Dave and I got to laugh at his misfortune while he guessed things about the wine and Dennis got to test his knowledge.

I was very impressed with the grape clusters which are part of the wrought iron fence out front.

The three of us had a great time at Grapes in a Glass. There is a vast selection of wines to choose from and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, so even if you're not a connoisseur, they can help you choose a flight, glass or bottle that you'll enjoy. With such a wide variety of pre-chosen flight pairings, there is bound to be something that will pique your interest. I personally find the flights to be the best option, because it allows you to try a little bit of everything.

We enjoyed wonderful service in a very chill atmosphere. There are photographs from different destinations printed on canvas throughout Grapes in a Glass. Each one was interesting and unique, they really helped to solidify the eclectic, but classy vibe of Grapes in a Glass (they're also all for sale if you're looking to invest in some art).

Overall, we had a really excellent experience at Grapes in a Glass and it was the perfect way to unwind on a Thursday night after work.

My rating for Grapes in a Glass:


  1. Wonderfully accurate review of one of my favorite places to be. I agree 100% !
    Tell your friend Dennis to sign up for wine classes with the owner...he'll get better at wine school!
    Thanks for the info!

    1. Tracey, thank you for stopping by to comment. I will pass along the information to Dennis :)


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