Basil Asian Bistro -- Canton, OH

While hanging-out in downtown Canton on New Year's Day we stopped over at Basil for a quick lunch before heading over to Muggswigz for a little coffee and dessert. I've been to Basil a few times, but Dave has only ever had their sushi, when we ordered take-out from Basil while at Grapes in a Glass. Dave had a favorable impression from our visit to Grapes in a Glass, because they walked the take-out order next door rather than having Dave come pick the order up. He was happy with the sushi and ready to check out their full menu.

We ate at 3:30, one of those weird times between lunch and dinner rush, so we were able to easily get a table. If you're going to Basil on the weekend, I recommend making a reservation, I've been there during some pretty busy dinner times.

We were looking for a quick dinner, so we chose to skip ordering an appetizer, but we decided to split a martini to cheers 2016. This Green Dragon Martini was a nice combination of sweet and sour. 

I ordered the Avocado Curry with tofu for my meal which is described on the menu as:
Green beans, red peppers, onions, and fresh avocado sauteed in our curry blend. Garnished with ground peanuts.
During lunch there is no additional charge for adding fried rice to your dish, so I added fried rice as a side with mine. I've had the Avocado Curry before and enjoy the addition of avocado in the dish. I've not seen avocado added into curry dishes at other local restaurants which serve Thai food. This dish is certainly spicy, but worth it if you enjoy Thai food.

Dave wanted something a little different and ordered the Mango Stir-fry with tofu described on the menu as:
Broccoli, carrots, onions, and fresh mango in a sweet mango sauce.
The one snafu during our dining experience was that Dave ordered fried rice and received regular. However, he chose not to mention the mix-up to our server, because he was hungry, so in the end it really wasn't a big deal. Dave thought this was good, he wanted something a little sweeter for his meal, so he was happy with what he had ordered.

We decided to skip out on dessert, because we planned to go over to Muggswigz. During a previous visit to Basil I had a delectable chocolate peanut butter cheesecake.

Basil is located in the Canton Arts district and there are many art galleries/artist studios, live music venues and shops within walking distance of Basil.

They also have a parking lot behind their restaurant, which is a huge plus if you don't want to deal with street parking. These murals are behind the resturant. 

We were surprised to see that some of the ice sculpting for First Friday had already started when we exited Basil. Basil is a wonderful location to check out during First Friday events as well if you want dinner or want to stop in for a quick drink/appetizer/dessert. 

Overall we were pleased with the dinner we ordered from Basil, happy with our service and glad that they were open on New Year's Day. I highly recommend the Avocado Curry, although I suppose that I should try something else next time I'm at Basil. Add this restaurant to your must try list for Canton.

My rating for Basil:


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