Vinoteca Wine Bar -- Canton, OH

My friends and I checked out Vinoteca Wine Bar off Hills and Dales Rd in Canton on New Year's Day. Our wine connoisseur friend had been interested in checking out Vinoteca for a while, but his schedule never aligned with the hours -- they're open 5:00-11:30 on Friday and Saturday evenings. You're able to make a reservation, but on this particular day we were able to get a table for six without a problem.

Sash and Rekha Parbhoo are the owners of Vinoteca Wine Bar. Both are incredibly knowledgeable about wine and it's important to note that this isn't your "typical" wine bar. Don't expect shot glass type samples, you will of course get to taste the wine to make sure that it's up to your standards. There is no menu, there are no listed prices. Sash or Rekha will find out your price range per glass or by the bottle and get an idea of what types of wine you prefer and they'll select a bottle for you.

These are high end wines too...below is a bottle of wine from my birth year.

Dave, our friend Kaley, and I all prefer sweet wines -- we started out with Rinaldi Moscato d'Asti.

Our friends with more discerning palates split two bottles of wine a Cava (pictured below) and a Croze-Hermitage Syrah (2005).

As far as decor in Vinoteca, it was a cozy place and is a nice option for date night or a night out with friends. There is a wide variety of seating available, they have tables for both big and small groups, as well as a bar if you prefer getting to know new people. The lights are dim and the music is playing audibly, but not so loud that you need to shout over your neighbor.

Although Vinoteca doesn't have a food menu, there are several restaurants in the area that deliver to Vinoteca and the table next to us was sharing some holiday cookies.

The wine enthusiasts in our group were particularly pleased with Vinoteca, they have more refined palates and more knowledge about wine and are better suited to enjoy a wine bar like this. Dave and I enjoy wine and were happy with the bottle of wine that we had. I would go back to Vinoteca with friends and enjoy some take-out with a good bottle of wine, but I guess for those of us (like Dave and me) with lesser wine palates paying for an expensive bottle of wine often is kind of lost on us, whereas, our friend Dennis can really appreciate the finer notes.

My rating for Vinoteca:


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