Nauti Vine -- Akron, OH

We visited the Nauti Vine three weeks ago when the weather was just starting to try to turn warm. We love our Wine Wednesdays with friends and were intrigued by how close Nauti Vine was to our new place. I knew from checking out their website that Nauti Vine was close to the Portage Lakes, but I wasn't prepared for how absolutely gorgeous the back patio area was. 

There was a Wine and Paint event going on inside the building on the day we visited, so our group decided to stay outside and enjoy the ambiance for a while.

Dave and I split a bottle of Delizioso which is a Sauvignon Blanc with hints of pear and kiwi. Overall, we thought the Delizioso was just okay, we love trying new wines though and will be back to try other varieties. 

One of our friends ordered the Sierra Vista which is a Merlot. As the vine connoisseur of our group, it's always important to get his approval on locations we visit. He ended up liking the Sierra Vista, so our group moved on to ordering food. 

Dave and I ordered two things off the menu the Roasted Wild Mushroom Pizza and the Bruschetta. Our friends ordered the Caprese Pizza and Soft Pretzel Sticks which are served with Mucky Duck beer cheese (Mucky Duck is the brand of beer Nauti Vine produces) and ground mustard.

We both liked the pizzas a lot, they are served in a flat bread style and the crust is nice and crispy. 

After finishing dinner the sun was setting and our group decided to move the party inside the tasting room. On the day we went Nauti Vine was serving stuffed cookies for dessert -- the chocolate chip was stuffed with more chocolate and the chocolate was stuffed with peanut butter. These cookies were the perfect sweet thing to end the evening with and we even went back to order seconds.

While inside the tasting room two wine slushies being spun around a frozen drink machine caught our attention. We ended up ordering the Stawberry Lemonade with Merlot. I wish that we had just ordered this in the first place, it was a super fun drink and would be perfect to sip on a warm day outside on Nauti Vine's back deck. 

At the very end of our visit we noticed how gorgeous the sunset was over the lake and went back outside to snap some photos. 

The food and wine were good, but they didn't wow us. We felt the same way about the service it was also good, but there was nothing amazing and incredible that happened there either. However, the atmosphere is so lovely that we will certainly return just to experience it. I love how close Nauti Vine is to our home and maybe we'll feel differently about the food and wine after we visit a few more times, but the atmosphere and location are most certainly drawing us back. 


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