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Several weeks ago we met up with our Wine Wednesday bunch at Press Wine Bar in Tremont upon the recommendation of a mutual friend. We haven't been able to spend too much time in Tremont due to how far away it is from where we live, but it's nice to get up to the Cleveland area every once in a while. Since this review is coming at you a few weeks late, note that there have already been changes to Press Wine Bar's menu, what we ordered may no longer be available, but I see some really cool things on their menu tonight that I'd love to go back to try like the Avo Brie Bruschetta. 

Dave and I arrived at Press Wine Bar right before Happy Hour ended, so we were able to score Fried Arancini with pesto aioli and balsamic reduction as well as a Pear Salad with Butter Lettuce, Walnuts, Chevre, and Walnut Vinaigrette. We also ordered a glass of wine and a beer from the Happy Hour menu, because they were at a reduced price.

We enjoyed the Arancini and Pear Salad before our friend joined us, and the Arancini paired with the pesto aioli was spectacular, we loved this appetizer and if you order it during Happy Hour, it's perfectly priced.

The salad was good, I preferred the Happy Hour price to the regular menu price and was happy to see this item on the Happy Hour menu, because I had been interested in ordering it based on checking out the menu online.

Our friend ended up being super late to meet Dave and I ordered The Cheese Board, which had just been removed from the menu the week we went. Since neither of us eats meat, we asked if Press could make us the cheese board and charge the previous rate, they were happy to oblige. The Cheese Board came with four different types of cheese, some lightly pickled veggies, maricona almonds, honey, and whole grain mustard. This was nice to snack on, we both had our favorites, I thought they all nicely paired with the other ingredients and it took us a while to get through it.

I decided to order one more drink because our friend was pretty late joining us, I chose the Gingersnap made with Absolut Berry Acai, Disaronno amaretto, brown sugar simple syrup, allspice, cinnamon, vanilla sugar, and ginger beer. The combination of ingredients might sound pretty weird, but this drink was absolutely amazing -- it really was reminiscent of a gingersnap.

When our friend was able to join us, we were still hungry, because we hadn't eaten before coming to Press and had split only a few light things while waiting. When he ordered some food, we decided to try the Tempura Fried Asparagus with coconut sticky rice and tequila curry glaze and the Caprese Flatbread. Both were outstanding, the Tempura Fried Asparagus was delightfully crispy and the glaze worked perfectly with the other flavors. 

Our server did a nice job of being attentive and Press Wine bar had a good atmosphere. I would love to go back to Press Wine Bar, especially to try their brunch menu and enjoy the patio. 

My rating for Press Wine Bar:


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