Twisted Citrus -- Canton, OH

I was vaguely aware of the Twisted Citrus before I received a recommendation from a good friend who lives in the Cleveland area. She was in Canton visiting a friend and only had good things to say about their brunch at the Twisted Citrus. Dave and I love a good brunch, so after a slight sleep-in one Sunday morning we decided to try a brunch restaurant that was close by to our house and I remembered my friend's recommendation of the Twisted Citrus.

Although we were told that there was a twenty minute wait for a table, we probably only waited about ten minutes before being seated.

The decor is "citrus" themed, everything is bright orange, yellow, and green. Dave decided to stick with regular coffee, but after getting a glimpse of the specials, I was a bit more adventurous.

I ordered a Tequila Sunrise Mimosa -- a traditional mimosa with blood orange sorbet in the bottom of the glass. It was fun to see the blood orange sorbet float to the top of the drink as it melted.

For my meal I decided to order the Chef Special which was a veggie frittata topped with Florentine Sauce. This fittata came with my choice of toast and twisted potatoes which were home fries made of a colorful variety of fingerling potatoes. 

Dave ordered the Morning Tacos vegetarian style complete with a load of vegetables, scrambled eggs, cheese, and pico de gallo.

In order to satisfy our sweet tooth we ordered one cinnamon roll pancake to split. 

We thought all of the food was really good, Dave had suggested that I order the frittata, but I wish I had ordered the eggs benny florentine style, the frittata portion was just a little bit too big for me. Dave really enjoyed his tacos and finished all of those as well as most of my frittata. The cinnamon roll pancake was outstanding, especially with the cream cheese glaze and I would have been more than happy eating a stack of those for brunch.

I was glad to see a wide range of both savoy and sweet vegetarian options available for brunch, this is certainly a location that we'll be visiting again so that we can try more of the items. Everything we ate we liked and the sign of a good restaurant is if it's busy -- the entire time we were at Twisted Citrus it was packed and on a wait for tables.

My rating for the Twisted Citrus:


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