Savor -- Canton, OH

A few weeks ago some friends and I stopped by Savor in Canton for dinner. One had heard that every night of the week at 8:00 the patio hosts a build-your-own s'mores bar, so we made sure to time our reservation so that we could partake in that. It was pretty warm, so when we arrived we were the only people enjoying the patio, but our server Charles had a great personality and was appropriately attentive, so we had a great time while waiting for our third friend.

I ordered the Seasonal Lemonade for my first drink -- made with prairie vodka, agave nectar, seasonal fruit and lemon juice. At that time it was being made with fresh raspberries and mint which made it very refreshing. 

I ordered a Caprese Salad to help me make it to dinner, I love a good Caprese Salad and this one was beautiful. 

As another cocktail I ordered the Savor Mule -- ciroc peach, peach nectar, mint, and fever tree ginger beer. The Mule was good, but I think I preferred the Seasonal Lemonade that I initially ordered, something about the fresh raspberries in the drink made it really good.

Once our friend arrived we ordered the House Made Guacamole of the Day to split. 

And we also discovered from Charles that it was Pasta Night, there were five different pasta dishes available for $10 each. The three of us selected a pasta dish for our entree and I ordered the vegetarian option which was in an olive oil sauce.

I was very happy with the flavor of this pasta dish and with the portion, for $10 it was quite a bit of food and I took leftovers home to Dave.

Right before 8:00 the fire was lit and the s'mores bar was set up, I think this is such a great idea. Any night of the week with any purchase you're able to make your own s'mores while supplies last.


The build your own s'mores bar is available at Savor until Labor Day. Everything we tried at Savor was delicious, they have a focus on fresh, organic, and local foods -- although some might think their prices are a little high, I'm always happy to support local businesses that are giving back to the local economy by in turn supporting other local businesses.

My rating for Savor:


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