art-A-palooza -- Green, OH

This past Saturday before we went to PorchRokr in Akron, we visited art-A-palooza in Green. This was the 12th annual event that takes place at Boettler park in Green. This one day event showcases local artists and helps provide scholarship opportunities for the community. 

It was a beautiful 90 degree day when art-A-palooza took place, Green is our new home base, so I was excited to have the opportunity to review an event in Green.

Boettler Park has ample parking, we were easily able to park in the parking lot near the play ground. Sometimes parking at large events is a pain, so I'm glad that we were able to do so with little issue.

The exhibitor tents circled the lake at Boettler Park, we just followed the path around. At previous art events I've found that a lot of artists really don't want you to take photos of their work, so I refrained from taking photos of the contents of individual tents (for the most part).

We looked at all of the vendors, but rather quickly as we were heading to another event and not really intending to make a purchase, it took us about half an hour to forty-five minutes to look at all of the tents, but if you're taking your time looking at the pieces it will probably take closer to an hour or more. 

With art tents including paintings, quilts, jewelry, pottery, steel sculptures, and more the art-A-palooza was a pleasant afternoon at the park. We'll be attending again next year. 

My rating for art-A-palooza in Green:


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