Suzie's Dogs and Drafts -- Boardman, OH

We loved living five minutes away from our good friends Steph and Preston, but our jobs took us in different directions so now we're about a 45 minute drive away from each other. Although it's a little more difficult for us to get together, it's given us a great opportunity to try new places. Last time we visited Steph and Preston they sent us a list of five potential night out locations, Susie's Dogs and Drafts had just opened a second location in Boardman and I love restaurants with a unique concept.

Susie's puts the customer in the culinary creativity seat, each person is provided with a checklist to create their meal. We selected the $6 vegan dog as our canvas each time -- you also have a traditional hot dog and a local hot dog to choose from. Your burger is nestled in a Chicago style or New England Style Bun and then there is a list of fifty possible toppings and the sky is the limit on your hot dog -- toppings range from mac and cheese, to crickets, to cookie crumble.

The backside of the checklist allows you to choose sides and toppings for the sides.


Steph ordered the salad that was offered, a wide variety of vegetables.

My first creation boasted a vegan hot dog, a Chicago style bun, sriracha cream cheese, lemon and mustard seed chutney, and Fritos. All of these flavors went really well together, I don't think the lemon and mustard seed chutney is for everyone, but I loved the acidic flavors paired with the spicy cream cheese.

Tots with blueberry mustard. 


Dave ordered a vegan hot dog, on the New England bun, topped with beer cheese, mustard, and horseradish apples.

For my second hot dog I decided to get extra weird, my vegan dog on New England style bun was topped with house peanut butter, lemon and mustard seed chutney, whipped marshmallow, whiskey stix crumbs, and cookie crumbs. 

Dave ordered a vegan dog on a Chicago style bun, topped with Bavarian beer kraut, root beer BBQ, and whiskey stix crumbs.  


Three of the four hot dogs that we ordered were you've probably already guessed my peanut butter cookie explosion dog was pretty much a a fail. I think my favorite of all four was the first that I ordered. I really enjoyed the concept of Suzie's Dogs and Drafts, many places offer a build your own burger list, but Suzie's took that idea and made it something unique.

Not pictured in this post are the beers and cocktails that we ordered, that's why our bill will look pretty high in comparison to what's pictured in this post. 

My rating for Suzie's Dogs and Drafts:


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