PorchRokr -- Akron, OH

This was our first year attending the PorchRokr Music and Art Festival in Highland Square. Dave and I are U Akron alums, so we have many Facebook friends who were posting about attending PorchRokr which inspired us to attend as well. Social media hands down is one of the biggest driving forces of attendance at events such as this -- I don't live in the Akron area, and only go to Akron to attend events, so finding out about this via Facebook was perfect for us.

If you're not familiar with the concept of PorchRokr (and I was only vaguely familiar due to an event my brother-in-law plays at in the Boston area). Akron's PorchRokr is hosted in Highland Square and "transforms the verandas of one of Akron's most historic and eclectic neighborhoods into one-day art studios and concert venues.130 diverse musicians and artists, using both area residences and business establishments as their personal stage." According the the hosts of PorchRokr, each year the festival rotates through a different neighborhood in Highland Square, this year everything took place on Dopler Ave.; Casterton Ave.; Conger Ave.; Edgerton Rd.; Hereford Ave.; Merriman Rd.; and North Highland Ave. 

Aside from the professionals working the festival (such as food trucks, artisans, and businesses), the community really opens up to the festival goers as well -- we saw many lemonade stands, yard sales, and friendly neighbors enjoy the music and saying hello to passersby. Shout out to the Free Water stand on Conger Ave., it was much appreciated on the 90 degree day.

Here's some photos of bands between 3:00 and 4:30 when we were at PorchRokr:

I attend a lot of events and I give serious props to The Highland Square Neighborhood Association for putting on such a well run event. There is so much coordination that goes into putting on a large event like PorchRokr and everything ran smoothly. The maps provided were easy to understand, the bands were easy to access, and the amount of detail that went into everything was helpful.

We would have stayed longer if it wasn't so hot out, but this is certainly an event that we will attend again in the future.

My rating for PorchRokr:


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