2nd Annual Coffee Crawl -- Canton, OH

This past Saturday Dave and I participated in the 2nd Annual Coffee Crawl throughout Downtown Canton. Luckily, although we arrived fifteen minutes after the tickets asked us to, we were able to get parking pretty easily and join up with the last tour group of the afternoon at Canton Food Tours.

Our group was running slightly early so we stopped at Arrowhead Vintage and Handmade Goods for fifteen minutes to prevent us from running into the tour group in front of us.

Our first tasting stop was at Cultured Coffee and Waffles. Dave and I have been wanting to visit this location since we moved to Green, but whenever we think about getting brunch it's on Sunday and Cultured Coffee is closed. We're hoping with Columbus Day coming up that we'll be able to head over for brunch.

At Cultured Coffee and Waffles we sampled the Bomb Coffee made with a secret recipe and topped with whipped cream and habanero sugar.  

We also sampled the waffle of the month The Trumpkin, a seasonal pumpkin spiced waffle covered in whipped cream, candy corn and caramel.

Dave and I loved both samples and are planning on coming back ASAP, because the savory waffles sound equally divine.

For our next stop we headed over to the location of the former 216 Tapas restaurant, the building is currently being converted, but Chocolates by Erin of Massillon was there with plenty of chocolates and samples. We've met Chocolates by Erin at several other downtown Canton events and her confections never disappoint. Although chocolate isn't per se coffee, it does contain caffeine if you're looking for a connection.

These chocolate covered rice krispie treats looked ridiculously cute.

Next up was Carpe Diem Coffee, owner Cathy Wyatt is the mastermind behind the Coffee Crawl and she was ready to greet us at her shop. She and her husband have owned and operated Carpe Diem Coffee downtown for thirteen years. They focus on locally available ingredients and products and are getting ready to do a renovation on the inside of their shop.

Our doughnuts at Carpe Diem were divine, but the espresso served in a chocolate filled cake cone was my favorite sample of the day. I thought it was inventive and unique -- it also nicely tied in another vendor, all of the cones were hand dipped by Chocolates by Erin. 

Next we walked over to Deli Ohio home of the Downtown Canton Flea. They served us a cup of pour over coffee and allowed us to explore their parking lot which they've converted into a garden. Anyone is allowed to take from the Deli Ohio garden as they work to give back to the Downtown community by fighting the fresh food desert that has been created in the concrete jungle landscape. 

Next we were off to Hazel & Rye Artisan Baking Company in the Huntington Bank Building. The owner of Hazel & Rye, Emily, worked with her brewer to create a unique coffee blend for us - an homage to their name made of hazelnuts and caraway. 

Although cream was provided, I was surprised by how light and flavorful the coffee was; I found that it didn't really need cream.

On our way to our final tasting stop we visited William McKinley "Coffee Bill" the 25th President of the United States at the National First Lady's Library which also served as the home of President McKinley and his wife. We learned about the history of coffee in Canton.

The end of our tour led us to the Canton Brewing Company where we picked up swag bags and tee-shirts. Our tour was completed with a Carpe Noctem which is a coffee porter. 

I was happy to see that the date of the 2nd Annual Coffee Crawl was one week earlier than it was last year. The 1st Coffee Crawl coincided with Mount Union's homecoming and as an alumna I was already planning on heading back to Mount. I hope that the creators will take Mount Union's Homecoming into their planning process when working on planning the 3rd Annual Coffee Crawl. Hosting the event on a different weekend made us happy, I would imagine there are others in the Canton area who would like to participate in both events and not be forced to choose.

For only $15 we received all of samples above as well as a tour of the city and an awesome swag bag of samples and coupons from local retailers. Dave and I couldn't believe how much we received for the price that we paid. Overall this was an incredibly fun afternoon event and we're looking forward to attending next year.

My rating for the Coffee Crawl:


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