White House Fruit Farm -- Canfield, OH

Two weekends ago Dave and I visited White House Fruit Farm in Canfield with some friends. It was a picture perfect weekend. This weekend is the last weekend to enjoy the fall activities, but the market will remain open throughout the year. Aside from hosting a variety of fall activities, White House Fruit Farm also hosts a Strawberry Festival and a Blueberry Festival in the summer.

The only frame of reference I had for White House Fruit Farm was the obsession everyone has with the Blueberry Doughnuts. Although White House Fruit Farm was incredibly packed when we arrived our goal was to check out the store, purchase donuts, and then explore the grounds. White House Fruit Farm has been family owned since 1815 and their produce/products as well as other local products are sold in the market. The market is located in a renovated barn, so you don't realize the sheer size of it until you're on the inside.

We made sure to purchase a glass of apple cider to split while we waited in line for the doughnuts. The made fresh daily doughnuts were one of the most popular things available at White House Fruit Farm. There were multiple lines and it was incredibly organized and efficient. We were at the front of the line shortly after we took our place in line.

We ordered half a dozen doughnuts -- two blueberry, one caramel apple, butterfinger, cookies and cream, and pumpkin.

Once we had the doughnuts we stepped outside where there were several food stands including Cozé which serves a wide variety of coffee drinks. We ordered the Frozeé which was full of Reese's, my personal favorite.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the grounds -- there's a beautiful lake, gardens, a children's play area, and hay rides. 

Getting ready for our hayride -- everywhere at White House Fruit Farm takes credit or debit card, except the hayrides. There is an ATM on site, but we managed to scrape together enough cash between the four of us that we didn't need to use the ATM.

The hayride takes you through the apple orchards on site, there were a lot of very happy kids (and adults).


Our friends, who are from Canfield, couldn't believe how many people were visiting White House Fruit Farm on the same day as us. One of them had worked there during high school and had never seen it so busy. I was impressed with how well everything was run, even with so many people there were plenty of employees available to help keep the flow of people and traffic running smoothly.

We're excited to go back for the Strawberry Festival in June!

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