Templeton's Scottish Bakery and Coffee House -- Wooster, OH

Templeton's is a new bakery in downtown Wooster -- it's only been open for about four weeks! This unique new spot is located in the lower level of Liberty Street Market Place and is pretty easy to locate, there are signs to help point you in the right direction once you reach the building. The owners, Allison and Stuart, have a lot of experience with traditional Scottish recipes. Allison is an Ohio native, but studying abroad in college led her to Scotland where she met her husband Stuart, a native of Scotland. The Templetons came to Ohio armed with a passion for Scotland, this passion coupled with a dream to open a cafe or coffee shop is how Templeton's Scottish Bakery and Coffee House was created.

I had about an hour to hang-out at Templeton's, during that time I enjoyed a wonderful conversation with Allison who was running the bakery that day. Templeton's has a variety of bakery items, coffee and tea available, as well as breakfast (hot porridge) and lunch selections (sandwiches and soups). As a vegetarian I was happy to find out that they always have one vegetarian soup and try to have a vegetarian sandwich option as well. Thus far the couple is enjoying Wooster and the surrounding community and it seems as though the community is really enjoying Templeton's Scottish Bakery.

I decided to order three items: the Millionaire's Shortbread; Vanilla Bean Cake; and a latte.

The Millionaire's Shortbread is a thick layer of shortbread cookie, topped with homemade caramel and chocolate. It's a rich dessert, but not too sweet.

This is a wonderful slice of Vanilla Bean Cake. The cake was moist, but had a nice crumb to it as well. The vanilla came through nicely and it was a wonderfully sweet dessert to pair with my coffee. I will be encouraging Dave to pick this up frequently to bring home. 

I'm a little boring with my coffee, so I ordered a plain latte. However, I'm a firm believer that dessert and coffee always pair well together and that belief was not changed. If you pick up dessert here, order a coffee to-go -- they have flavored syrups available for coffee drinks too. 

If you enjoy a tea at Templeton's you can also purchase tea to brew at home.

These are the scones which were available. I had previously tried the White Chocolate Raspberry scone, The tartness of the raspberry contrasts nicely with the white chocolate and the scone is stuffed with both, you will not find a bite that is missing one of the two. 

Dave arrived at Templeton's to meet me after work and purchased some treats to enjoy at home. A piece of Ayrshire Gingerbread and a Coconut Macaroon.

The Ayrshire Gingerbread is named after the area where the Templetons are from in Scotland.  The recipe is unique to the region. The best way for me to describe the taste is that there is a distinct difference between things that are gingerbread spiced (including cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, etc.) and things that are made from ginger (such as a ginger candy). The Ayrshire Gingerbread is more like things made from ginger without all of the extra flavors -- the Ayrshire Ginger bread is slightly spicy, has a mellow sweetness and will fill you with warmth. This would be lovely with a glass of milk.

The Coconut Macaroon was full of coconut (like their scones, not a bite missing the mix-in) and nice and chewy. Macaroons have a chewy texture due to the meringue which is part of the base.  I don't eat macaroons often, but I've always enjoyed them when I've had the chance to eat them. 

Overall, my favorite was the Vanilla Bean Cake and Dave's favorite was the Gingerbread.

Templeton's is in a great location for a cafe. They had soft music playing, but if you wanted to hunker down with a book or your laptop you could easily do so while enjoying the atmosphere they've created. If you want to enjoy coffee and some treats with friends or your kids there are several books about Scotland on a coffee table by the couches. You can dream up a future trip or simply escape into the glossy photos for a bit. If you're in the mood for conversation strike up a discussion with Allison or Stuart to learn about their unique travels, the bakery, or how they're enjoying Wooster as their new home.

A Scottish Bakery is a unique idea and due to their proximity to the College of Wooster, the Wayne County court buildings and area shops, they should have no shortage of customers. I really hope this dream and business flourishes for the Templetons -- they're lovely people and I had a wonderful experience during my visit.

My rating for Templeton's Scottish Bakery and Coffee House:


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