{Road Trip} to Lumaze -- Pittsburgh, PA

This past Sunday we took a two-hour road trip to Pittsburgh to visit our friend Sarah and to check out Lumaze. Lumaze is a 100% indoor holiday light display made up of 1,000,000 lights which also includes a market of local businesses that gives you a chance to enjoy the lights and then complete some holiday shopping. The event is hosted in a large warehouse on 32nd Street in Pittsburgh and this is the first year Lumaze has been in Pittsburgh although it's been hosted in several Canadian cities and in Sweden. The Pittsburgh event runs through January 4, 2020 and tickets are still on sale for several dates.

  • The ticketing process was incredibly easy. We ubered to the venue from Lawrenceville and walked right into the venue without issue. We also appreciated that you were required to choose a timeslot for your tickets. Since we visited in the first time slot on a Sunday afternoon Lumaze wasn't too crowded but there were certainly crowds. Parking around the venue is likely difficult and weekend evenings are likely significantly more crowded than we experienced. 
  • We loved picking up drinks in the lightbulb glasses and thought the price for the alcohol/bulbs were good. The lightbulb glasses were a nice touch to the theme.
  • There were plenty of activities and space for kids -- a scavenger hunt, LED hopscotch, a train, and a farm of bouncy reindeer.
  • The light displays were great -- there was a light garden, hanging lights, and hanging picture frames. At least one of us used photos from Lumaze on our Christmas cards!
  • We loved the Artists’ Market
  • While we appreciated how awesome this event was for kids we wish there were more options for the Date Night package (evenings that were childfree). If there had been additional days and times for that option we probably would have selected one of those evenings.
  • While we loved the lights we think there was a missed opportunity to include some fake snow for a photo opp. 
  • I would have happily paid for a coat check. There were so many people trying to take holiday photos at this event and constantly picking up and putting down our winter coats was annoying. 







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