Getaway -- Beaver Creek, OH

Well, it's been a year. I'm sure everyone is feeling that in one way or another and while in some ways we've been very fortunate this year in others we've had some struggles. A few months ago after seeing endless ads on social media for Getaway I decided to see if there was an outpost near us. It turned out that the Cleveland-Pittsburgh location was a little over an hour from us so I booked a Saturday-Sunday weekend trip for a weekend in November. When I booked this in August I had no idea that we would really luck out with the weather but the 70-degree temperatures were much appreciated.

I should stress here that we are not camping people...we're not really even outdoorsy people. We took a trip once that involved roughing it with an outdoor shower and a compost toilet and it really was not for me. Getaway really blends the outdoors with modern amenities which was much appreciated by the two of us.

About a week before our trip I received an email from Getaway with the address for our trip and I had been able to track down a helpful guide of specific things to do near our outpost as well on the Getaway blog. The morning of our trip, I received the name of our cabin and an outpost map via text. We were assigned to Melvin (all cabins are named after the grandparents of the workers at each specific site) which was incredibly easy to locate when we arrived at the outpost.

The most notable thing about the cabins is their size -- each is about 140-200 square feet. I'm not sure the photos quite do the size of the space justice but there is storage under the bed and under the bathroom. We were able to fit both of our soft-sided bags as well as the box we used to transport food and alcohol in the storage under the bed. The electric lantern was a big help once it was dark out but if you think you might need more light I would recommend packing another lantern or flashlight. We had no issue playing games at the table by the light of the lantern but used a portable battery-powered lantern in bed for some late night reading. 

For reference, we were able to fit the following into the fridge: 4 eggs, a bag of shredded cheese, two large Tupperware containers of chopped vegetables, mustard, sauerkraut, veggie brats, a bottle of wine, a crowler of beer, two 16 ounce cans of beer, and several 5-ounce cans of hard cider. If you're planning on doing more cooking than we did you may want to evaluate how you're storing beverages but for us it worked.

Above the fridge you see included items -- we used the coffee creamer, olive oil, salt and pepper during our stay.

Not pictured is the bathroom to the right of the kitchen -- there is running water and shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are also included in your stay. Having experienced more primitive conditions on another camping trip we were relieved to have the kitchenette and bathroom.

The large window over the bed really is the highlight of the space. All of the cabins at Beaver Creek have the window facing the woods -- your neighbors are all parallel. 

I took this photo while standing in our bathroom -- I think it helps to show the length of the space a little better.

Each campsite also comes with a cooking grate, a firepit, a picnic table, and Adirondack chairs. We brought some of our own wood but used fire starters and a bundle of logs from the outdoor provision box. If you use any outdoor or food provisions during your stay you will be billed after the trip -- my bill arrived quickly and was accurate. 

The next cabin is through those trees. While we could see other cabins from the end of our drive and could occasionally hear dogs and kids for an hour or so when we first arrived the area was relatively quiet during our stay. We never heard music or other adults. 

Since we weren't sure how things would go on night one we ordered from Mary's Pizza in Lisbon, OH which was about a 20-minute drive from the campsite. Dave and I both had cell service our entire trip and had no issue placing the call to order.

Shoutout to my best friend and her husband for the delicious wine! 

After making breakfast on Saturday morning we went out to attempt some of the hikes listed in the local guide. Unfortunately, the one trail we wanted was currently being used for public hunting land. A quick Google search led us back to Lisbon to use the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail. This trail was great and I would highly recommend it! We saw a few other walkers and some bicyclists but the scenery was nice and the trail is paved. 

Since we weren't 100% set on roughing it we did swing by a Dunkin Donuts near the trail for iced coffee before heading back to our cabin.

Since the forecast was so nice I made reservations for us in Columbiana, OH at the Vineyards at Pine Lake. This location was also about a 20-minute drive from the cabin. Once there we sampled some wine, enjoyed a cheeseboard, and an appetizer. If you're also not looking to cook for every meal during your trip this would be a good location to check-out. We were going for more of a light lunch vibe but they have more substantial meals on the menu. I highly recommend the Hot Chips. 

Back at the cabin, we took advantage of the waning light to play some games at our picnic table. We came prepared with a few favorites and Melvin had a deck of cards and set of five dice.

Dinner on the campfire was incredibly easy with the cooking grate provided by Getaway!


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