Springfield Bog Metro Park -- Akron, OH

Dave and I love hiking at the various Summit County Metro Parks. I follow their Facebook page and have been seeing wonderful photos from the Springfield Bog Metro Park. The bog is full of wild flowers and wild life right now and has been listed as a birding hot spot on several lists.

One word of caution, you need to wear bug spray. We were incredibly careless and I ended up with over twenty mosquito bites -- don't be like me, enjoy the bog with a little bit of protection. 

The bog has one easy 1.6 mile hike, the path is unpaved, but easy to navigate. Due to all of the rain we've been having, it is a little muddy right now, but nothing unmanageable. 

There are wildflowers galore, it is absolutely stunning to see so many different colors and types all in one place.

We were particularly keeping an eye out for indigo buntings, but we spotted several other birds instead. Hello to the cardinal, state bird of Ohio.

We worked our way through the park at a pretty leisurely pace, we were busy enjoying the scenery and taking pictures.

We spotted four rabbits during our trek.

There is a short portion of the trail through a wooded area. 

We found a tiny toad after working our way through the woods, Dave has a knack for spotting them on our hikes.

Sadly, we didn't spot any indigo buntings this time.

Overall, I really enjoyed hiking at the Springfield Bog Metro Park, it was a really easy trek which was great, because it allowed us to have a chance to enjoy the great scenery. A lot of the Metro Parks take you through woodlands or showcase nice creeks/lakes, this is the only one I have been to that has so many pops of color. The wildflowers and the wildlife are great, if you're into birding, bring a pair of binoculars. This is a place that Dave and I plan on hiking again soon.

My rating for the Springfield Bog Metro Park: 


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