Muggswigz Coffee & Tea -- Canton, OH

This past weekend Dave and I spent some time in downtown Canton before going out with friends. After a lovely dinner (review coming soon) we headed over to Muggswigz to enjoy some coffee and a pastry. 

The guy at the counter said I could take photos of everything except for the menu, because they work very hard to come up with new and interesting drinks and want to do their best to maintain their drink names, ingredients lists, etc. The menu board is large and on the wall behind the baristas, so I made sure to take photos which excluded the menu board.

When you first enter Muggswigz, you'll easily be able to see the serving counter in front of the large menu boards. Prices are listed for all of the drinks and the counter is lined with various pastries in glass containers, prices are listed for the pastries as well -- no surprises here! 

We decided on these berry bars which were recommended to us.

While waiting for our coffee to be made, I took some photos of other items and pastries on the counter which are available for purchase.

There is also a wide variety of coffee items available for purchase including coffee beans and syrups which Muggswigz uses. They also sell tee-shirts and coffee mugs with their logo, perfect for gifts! 

This beauty is the Baklava Latte including nut syrup, honey, clove, cafe latte, then topped with whipped cream. This was one of best cups of coffee that I've ever had, but I tend to err on the side of sweet coffee drinks. It captured all the best flavors of baklava in a cup, a very large cup at that, I would have been satisfied with just this for dessert rather than this plus the Berry Bar.

This was also the location of one of the First Friday Stops for January 1st. We were able to sip our coffee while watching Andrew Zamiagas work on his ice sculpture for the First Friday event. Friday was chilly, despite there being no snow, so we didn't envy the fact that Andrew was outside working with ice. 

The finished product turned out pretty impressive.

Aside from a wide variety of coffee drinks and pastries, Muggswigz also hosts local acts throughout the year. According to their current calendar of events they have an Open Mic Night on Tuesdays from 7:30-11:30 and various artists scheduled for Friday evenings from 7:00-10:00.

My rating for Muggswigz Coffee & Tea: 


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