Stan Hywet 2016 Season Preview -- Akron, OH

Last night I attended Stan Hywet's 2016 Season Preview event for members and media. We were given a sneak peak of what the 2016 season will be all about and had the chance to tour several of the exhibits. The theme of the 2016 Season is "Family Sharing Our Stories" which has an increased focus on the Seiberling Family and includes some never before seen photographs and letters from the family. Visitors will also have a chance to share their Stan Hywet stories and these stories will also be on rotating display.

It was a bit chilly last night, but we had the chance to tour several of the exhibits, two in the manor house and one in the Corbin Conservatory.

First we checked out Inspiration in Bloom as well as Our Family in the Manor House. I'm going to share some select photos with you, but I encourage you to go check out Inspiration in Bloom through tomorrow and the Our Family exhibit throughout the rest of 2016. 

Phones throughout the Manor House will give you a chance to hear from the Seiberling Family. 


The Breakfast Room Fountain is back after being restored.
You can see it through the Breakfast Room window or flowing outside if it's not too cold.

We took a walk over to the Corbin Conservatory to see the Strange and Wonderful Plants exhibit.


The Corbin Conservatory is home to many wonderful exotic plants, this Red Powder Puff Tree was one of my favorites. 


There are plenty of citrus trees on display in the Corbin Conservatory -- one of the original purposes of the Conservatory was for the Seiberling family to grow oranges.

Part of the Strange and Wonderful plants exhibit includes carnivorous plants, right now they're tiny, but they'll grow. The second half of the exhibit includes carrion flowers which are slowly working on growing as well. 

Thank you to Stan Hywet for extending an invitation to me for last night's event. I'm excited to go back to Stan Hywet to see the exhibits in the spring and summer once the gardens are in bloom. We love taking friends and family to Stan Hywet to check out the variety of events that are hosted there every year and this year is no exception.

Check out Stan Hywet's website to learn more about opportunities to visit.

**Aside from the complementary dinner that my guest and I received at Stan Hywet's Season Preview, I was in no way, monetarily or otherwise, compensated for this post. All opinions written above are entirely my own, this post contains no affiliate links, and I am not receiving any monetary gain from this review. 


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