Sarah's Market Fresh Grill

I was invited to check out the newly redesigned Sarah's Market Fresh Grill at the Hartville Marketplace during their media preview -- Sarah's Market Fresh Grill will open to the public on Saturday June 25th. Previously known as Sarah's Grill, the new cafeteria style service is replacing the previous made-to-order food location in order to give Hartville Marketplace + Flea Market customers exactly what they're looking for during a busy day at the market -- local, fast, fresh food without a long wait.

If you've ever been to the Hartville Marketplace or Flea Market you know that it can quickly turn into an all day adventure (check out my flea market adventure from last summer), through this redesign Sarah's is hoping to better serve the customers. Tomorrow during opening day customers will get a free medium fountain drink with every $5 purchase at Sarah's Market Fresh Grill. Remember that Sarah's Market Fresh Grill will be open the same hours as Hartville Marketplace -- Monday, Thursday-Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The new location is broken up into three different areas, a food area featuring a variety of hot foods, refrigerated items, and pre-packaged favorites; an ice cream counter; and a cafe where your favorite latte or smoothie can be picked-up.

We were given the opportunity to try several of the items on the menu and to check out the new area.

I immediately gravitated towards the salads, there were quite a few to choose from...I ultimately selected the summer salad with Hartville Kitchen's famous dressing on the side.

Near the salads I also picked up a cup of assorted grapes, these would be perfect to give little ones something to munch on during a visit to the flea market on a hot summer day. 

My brother came with me to sample some of the items that I couldn't eat (I'm a vegetarian), so we split an order of nachos with beer cheese dip. 

A small cheese pizza....

A Bavarian-style pretzel with beer cheese dip...

And an order of fries.

He enjoyed a double cheese burger with lettuce, tomato, and pickles which are packaged separately for customers to grab and add to their burger to prevent everything from getting soggy.  

Brett also enjoyed some chicken tenders. 

Sarah's Market Fresh Grill is the first thing visitors will see when they enter the Hartville Marketplace -- the entire location is recessed into the wall and is streamlined to allow customers easy access to what they're looking to eat while preventing lines.

Chalkboard-esque signs serve as an easy to read guideline above the hot food stations, you can make a beeline to exactly what you're looking to eat before going back to shopping.

Refrigerated cases line the sides and are full of drinks, salads, fruit cups, and vegetable cups. Don't worry, they weren't full during the media preview, but will be fully stocked for opening day tomorrow!

The center of the venue has tables of pre-packaged products such as Sarah's Market Fresh Grill popcorn, locally produced chips, chocolates, and other snack items.

Customers can simply grab whatever they're looking for and check out at one of the registers located near the center of Sarah's Market Fresh Grill, napkins and condiments are just steps away from the register and then you're on your way back to shopping. 

Located directly next to Sarah's Market Fresh Grill's cafeteria style dining is the sleek new ice cream counter serving Ruggles Ice Cream which is another Ohio brand based out of Orrville.

I loved everything about the ice cream counter, I thought the lights were darling and the stools made out of pipes were creative and cool. 

We were pretty full but managed to eat two tiny bowls of ice cream -- there's always room for ice cream!

Our last stop was the Coffee Mill located on the South End of the three areas owned by Sarah's Market Fresh Grill, this is where you need to go if you need a quick pick-me-up during shopping.

We both opted for a Maple Spice Latte which was the featured drink, but they can make almost anything you'd like to sip.

Enjoying ice cream and a latte, the best kind of choices to have. 

I had a wonderful time checking out the new concept of Sarah's Market Fresh Grill, I think the new concept is very customer friendly and will greatly benefit the type of customer that the Hartville Marketplace and Flea Market attract. When I go to the Hartville Flea Market I'm looking for easy, breezy service and have no desire to stand in long lines, especially to grab a quick bite to eat. I appreciate that Sarah's Market Fresh Grill offers a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in their grab-and-go selections, because something cool and refreshing is exactly what I want to eat after browsing the outdoor vendors for several hours. Trays are provided for those who would like to grab food and sit down at a table, but otherwise, everything is packaged nicely and easy to take with you while you browse the indoor vendors or tackle checking out the rest of the tables at the outdoor vendors. We enjoyed all of the food that we tried and would happily eat it again! 

Everyone we spoke to was friendly and happy to answer our questions. Sarah's Market Fresh Grill will be serving both breakfast and lunch items, I've added a menu below so that you can check out their offerings and prices. Please note that there are so many grab-and-go items that are not listed on the menu, those are individually priced and the prices are clearly displayed, those items are worth checking out!

My rating for Sarah's Market Fresh Grill:

**Aside from the complementary food and items that my guest and I received at Sarah's Market Fresh Grill's media preview night, I was in no way, monetarily or otherwise, compensated for this post. All opinions written above are entirely my own, this post contains no affiliate links, and I am not receiving any monetary gain from this review. 


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