Coquette Patisserie -- Cleveland, OH

A few weeks ago Dave and I drove up to Cleveland for brunch at Coquette Patisserie, I discovered it after a Cleveland Scene post about macaroons and a quick glance at Coquette Patisserie's Instagram convinced me that a trip to Cleveland was needed to try out these amazing looking desserts.

Coquette Patisserie is located on Euclid Avenue near University Circle, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. You'll find mainly street parking, but there's a small parking lot next to Coquette Patisserie and you can feed the meter for a space.

Coquette Patisserie itself is pretty small -- there's a handful of tables and a smallish outdoor patio for additional seating -- however, you'll find a big selection of delicacies to enjoy.

Every table had fresh flowers on it, I was loving these ranuculus flowers against the black and white back drop of the table. 

We arrived at Coquette Patisserie in the late afternoon after a morning of hiking, so we ordered several things to munch on -- a full sized fromage board; an Opera; a Chocolate Triomphe; and three Macaroons. I also ordered a mimosa, because I find it hard to pass up a good mimosa during brunch hours on the weekend.

Seriously, the flowers, mimosa, and table were picture perfect. 

Our fromage board arrived with four different cheese selections that I can no longer remember, I know they do rotate. Dave and I always get too excited about cheese boards to bother writing down the names of each cheese. 

The fromage came served along side a pile of crostini, I know that there were some that I loved, and others I didn't. Dave doesn't seem to be as reserved when it comes to cheeses and was happy to consume all of the cheese that I wasn't interested in eating. The sauce in the middle was some sort of pear mustard, and almonds were also served with the cheese. 

The macaroons we selected were pistachio, mango, and key lime -- Coquette Patisserie has six different flavors of macaroons available at all times and a wide variety of flavors listed on their website that can give you an idea of what they offer. 

It was very difficult for us to decide which two individual desserts we wanted to order, because everything looked so good in the display case. We ended up with an Opera and a Chocolate Triomphe.

The Chocolate Triomphe was "two layers of genoise soaked with Cointreau syrup, chocolate ganache, chocolate covered caramelized hazelnuts, and chocolate mousse." As you can see from the photo, it was absolutely stunning and looked even better on the inside.  

The Opera was "three layers of almond joconde soaked with coffee syrup, coffee buttercream, and chocolate ganache." 

My rating for Coquette Patisseire:


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