Kent Cheesemonger -- Kent, OH

I've wanted to do a write up about the Kent Cheesemonger since they opened in 2015. Dave and I were still living in Ravenna and visited the Kent Cheesemonger frequently before we moved to Green. Every time we stopped by the Cheesemonger, it just didn't seem like a visit worth writing a review about -- we stopped in here and there to buy a light dinner or to create a cheese plate for a party. Now that the Kent Cheesemonger has an outdoor patio, it seemed like the perfect time to stop in for a glass of wine, cheese, and to write up a review.

The Kent Cheesemonger is located in Acorn Alley, just follow the sandwich sign up the stairs to a little square -- the same square also contains Popped! which sells ice cream, popcorn, and other confections.

The Kent Cheesemonger is a great place to go if you're putting together a cheese platter for a party, there are so many new and interesting cheeses to choose from -- our favorite discovery has been the Wensleydale with Cranberry, it's always a hit at our parties.

You can also pick-up specialty beer, wine, and cider to go along with your cheese as well as dip mixes and other items that will help make your cheese tray a success.

If you'd like to stay awhile you can order a cheese tray with cheese, crackers, almonds, and charcuterie (we left that off, but it's an option!). You're able to choose your cheeses from an assorted list provided by the Cheesemonger, you'll see in the bottom right corner of the plate our favorite Wensleydale with Cranberry. We also purchased two bottles of wine to split among us and our friends. 

If you follow the Kent Cheesemonger on Facebook they post about various events that they host. We've also seen them out and about at the various Main Street Kent Events. While we enjoy visiting the Cheesemonger, now that we live further away we don't get to stop by as much as we like, which is why we've not been able to attend any of the events they've hosted. 

I love to support local businesses and the Cheesemonger has a much wider variety of products than any of the grocery stores in the area. The Kent Cheesemonger also strives to be constantly bringing in new products while still maintaining a high level of quality. 

My rating for the Kent Cheesemonger:


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