Open Door Coffee Company -- Hudson, OH

In our continued quest to seek out local coffee shops, Dave and I found ourselves at Open Door Coffee Co. a few weekends ago. We hadn't set out to find a coffee shop (we actually set out to adopt a second cat, but that's a story for another time) and ended up in Hudson at Open Door Coffee Co.

Open Door Coffee prides itself on selling Fair Trade Coffee and home-baked goods. They are located on Main Street across from the clock tower in the old Saywell Drugstore building. Open Door continues to honor the legacy of Saywell's which was in place for 90 years -- by refurbishing several pieces of furniture as well as the solid marble soda fountain counter. The wall on the art is modern and created by local artists.

We settled into two leather chairs by the window to enjoy everything we ordered.

We decided on a few pastries for breakfast, an Orange Cranberry Scone...

and a Cheddar Herb Scone.

Unfortunately on the morning we visited Open Door was having problems with their espresso machine. I had ordered a latte, but once they realized there was a problem with the espresso machine, the barista suggested an Americano instead so that my coffee would still have milk and the flavoring.

We liked our scones so much (and still were waiting for the Humane Society to open) so we ordered two more pastries -- a chocolate chip cookie and a blueberry muffin.

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