91 Wood Fired Oven -- Canton, Ohio

Last weekend our group of friends made reservations at 91 Wood Fired Oven to celebrate a friend's birthday. 91 Wood Fired Oven is owned by the same people who own Table Six Kitchen + Bar and although each has a totally different concept, I'm always happy to invite friends to eat at either restaurant, because I know that we will have a unique experience each time.

I started off my dinner with a grapefruit martini...

We love when restaurants give us bread before our meal -- we were served Italian bread and focaccia, I don't think whoever took this photo realized that the balsamic glaze said "91."

For an appetizer we split the Risotto Cakes "house parmesan risotto / panko crusted / 91 marinara / basil chiffonade." The cakes were nice to split between two people as a starter, they were nice and crisp on the outside and filled with creamy risotto on the inside.

For my meal, I had the Buffalo Tofu Tacos "buffalo tofu / jicama slaw / blue cheese drizzle " which were delightful little tacos filled with spicy tofu. The jicama slaw added a nice fresh, crisp bite to each taco. There were three on the plate and after splitting the appetizer and knowing that I was prepared to order dessert, I thought the portion size was quite nice, especially for the price.  

My brother ordered the Lobster Risotto (pictured below) which he really enjoyed and another friend had the Drunken Zoodles, "fresh cut zucchini spirals / sautéed shrimp / artichoke hearts / vodka, tomato cream sauce / mushrooms / basil." I love that 91 offered zucchini noodles on the menu, we love to make them at home and I thought their creative take on zoodles really helped to elevate the dish.

Dave ordered the Five Cheese Ravioli Marinara "Large, tender ravioli / overstuffed with five cheeses
91 marinara / spinach / mushrooms / parmesan." They're not kidding when they tell you that the ravioli are large, we were served two gigantic ravioli. Dave and I like to split dishes whenever we go out, so that we each get to try several things. Both of us enjoyed these ravioli, I thought it was nice that they were over sized, I had not seen that at a restaurant before and you're really still getting the same amount of product.

For dessert my brother and I split this delicious peanut butter filled treat. I'm a sucker for desserts including peanut butter and this really hit the spot. It's a large, still warm peanut butter cookie, filled with warm peanut butter sauce, and topped with vanilla bean ice cream. 

We received great service at 91, our waitress kept the drinks coming and was attentive to our needs throughout the evening. We didn't have too many people in our party, but with six of us needing something every time she came to the table, I think she did a wonderful job. Everyone was happy with their order and we're glad to know that we can always recommend 91 to people and know that they will have a unique and pleasant dining experience.

My review of 91 Wood Fired Oven:


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