Press Grill -- Columbus, OH

Last Tuesday we traveled down to Columbus for a concert and took that opportunity to visit with a friend from law school while we were in town. Dave and I haven't spent too much time in Columbus, but are looking forward to visiting our friend again soon to check out more of the city (this is actually my first Columbus post). We didn't have too much time before our concert, so we asked Kayla to select a fun local restaurant. She knew Press Grill had a few vegetarian options and would be able to get us in and out pretty quickly. We met a little before 6:00 p.m. which seemed to be a good time to meet there, when we left Press Grill was pretty full.

There are no drink menus, but there's a full bar, Dave ordered beer, Kayla and I both ordered Moscow Mules.

The three of us stuck to sandwiches for dinner, Kayla ordered the Pesto Chicken Sandwich. Although she perused the menu for a while, she said that she always orders the Pesto Chicken Sandwich, because it's so good, it's become an item that can't be missed for her.

The Pesto Chicken Sandwich is described on the menu as "griddled chicken filet + bacon + fontina + portobello mushrooms + housemade walnut basil pesto + leaf lettuce + tomato + red onion + mayo on toasted italian roll." Kayla also added a side of fries.

I am a grilled cheese fanatic and decided to order the Grilled Havarti described by Press Grill as "creamy dill havarti + sliced tomato on grilled texas toast. It was pretty good, but I think that it would have been even better if the pesto from the Pesto Chicken Sandwich was added to it. With so much bread, it just needed a little something extra.

Dave ordered the Open Faced Veggie Sandwich which I was pretty jealous of...the Open Faced Veggie Sandwich included "oven-roasted roma tomatoes + roasted red pepper + griddled red onion + fontina + portobello mushrooms + housemade walnut basil pesto on grilled sourdough." This sandwich was heavenly, when Dave asked me if I wanted a bite, I was ready to dive in and eat half.

Press Grill is located in the Short North area of Columbus surround by art galleries and other restaurants. They describe themselves as "the Short North's casual neighborhood bar / restaurant serving drinks 'til 2:30am and fine food 'til 1am. Open for lunch, dinner and late night featuring all the comfort food you crave." I can't help but agree with their self-description, their comfort food was on point, I was thrilled that everything was smothered in cheese. Press Grill is certainly a casual joint, but our waitress was friendly and the service was prompt. 

My rating for Press Grill:


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