Nuevo Modern Mexican & Tequila Bar -- Akron, OH

Nuevo opened in early 2014 and I've been a huge fan since the first time I had lunch there. The restaurant is located in downtown Akron, but the attached parking deck, which is free in the evenings, takes the stress out of trying to park downtown. Every time I've been to Nuevo, it's packed, I would highly recommend making a reservation before you go there to eat.

We made reservations for the night we went and then added our name to their patio waiting list. Nuevo does not take reservations for the patio, you need to add your name to the wait-list when you arrive. We started our meal at a table, cashed out and then moved upstairs to the patio for the second part of our meal. Our server was very nice about it and helped us carry our drinks, we've never had a chance to sit on the patio before and really wanted to experience it to write a comprehensive review.

At our table inside we started our meal ordering Habanero Goat Cheese, Strawberry and Hazelnut Guacamole. We usually order the Habanero Jelly Guacamole, but thought that we'd try something new. I liked the crunch of the hazelnuts in the guacamole, but I missed the spiciness of the one we usually order. 

Dave and I decided to split a margarita flight as well from right to left: Mango with Coconut Rim, Raspberry with Sugar/Salt and Passion Fruit with Lemon Zest. The margarita flights are one of the things we love about Nuevo, you get to customize your drink from the list of flavors and rims. You can ask your server which rim goes best with which flavor drink or you can make it up as you go.

Just as we were almost finished with our appetizer, our table was ready on the patio. We were seated right on the edge and had a perfect view of the sun set between the First Merit and First Energy buildings. The patio had a really nice ambiance, it was more of a laid back vibe. There was music playing, but it was at a good volume, we could hear the music, but easily carry on conversations.

I was tempted by the dessert menu, so Dave and I decided to split a meal, rather than each ordering one. We had the Tacos al Pastor with Tofu. The tofu was combined with a jicama slaw and cheese, plus the meal was served with a side of rice and a choice of pinto or black beans.  Our friend ordered the Carne Asada which was served with avocado and pico de gallo. The Carne Asada also came with a choice of pinto or black beans and a side of Spanish rice.

I really liked the Tacos al Pastor. It was served with three tortillas and we got to create our own tacos with the filling, which was great on it's own or stuffed into the tortilla. I think there was a nice blend of all three ingredients. The tofu in this picture is hiding underneath the jicama slaw. 

For the end of the meal, we each got a dessert. Ours was the Churro Funnel Cake topped with cinnamon sugar and served with coconut chocolate sauce. 

Our friend tried the Black Bottom Plantain Pie which had a graham cracker crust and chocolate throughout. 

The Churro Funnel Cake was ridiculously good. Next time I go to Nuevo, I might just order that with a flight of margaritas for myself. It was truly the best way to finish off our meal. I'm not a fan of anything in the banana family, but our friend seemed to enjoy the Plantain Pie.

Here's a little glimpse of the outdoor patio right before we left.

My rating for Nuevo:


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