Kent Lions Sweet Corn Festival -- Kent, OH

This is the smallest festival that I've attended so far, but I'm sure it won't be the last of this size. There are plenty of local festivals being held in the next few months. The Sweet Corn Festival is held at the beginning of August each year at Beckwith Orchards on Lake Rockwell Rd. You can also reach the festival via the Portage County Hike and Bike Trail.

The Sweet Corn Festival is held by the Kent Lions Club and proceeds from the event benefit Lions Club sight preservation projects.

Immediately upon arrival there are several vendor tents and a food tent serving hot food (including ears of corn), pie slices and drinks. This is the only place that you can purchase hot food at, although you can buy fresh produce throughout the festival.

Past the tents is a barn, there were craft vendors on both the top and bottom level. 

There were two different raffles being held -- one raffle had tickets for $5 each, those tickets went into a hopper for the hope of winning $1,000, the second raffle had tickets for $1 each and you could win which ever gift card or basket you put the ticket into.

From the upper level of the barn, you could get a bird's eye view on the festivities down below. 

The band Rio Neon was playing when we arrived and had a pretty decent crowd gathered under the main tent enjoying food and their music.  

Past the craft barn the orchards were open to the public, as was the community garden, there were several activities that kids seemed to enjoy. 

The flowers and vegetables in the community garden were thriving.

Dave and I had a wonderful conversation with Charlie Beckwith about the history of the property (his father's family lived on the property with 13 kids and only an outhouse!) and some of the activities available at Beckwith Orchards. He said that everyone should take their time and stroll through the grounds and enjoy the orchards. There was a trolley running through the grounds during the Sweet Corn Festival, it was incredibly popular at the event, so we missed out on a ride, but we're planning to go back to Beckwith Orchards in the fall.

Hay bales are plenty of fun for kids...

There were also pony rides for children.

There were peaches and other produce available for sale.

Dave was pretty happy about our sweet corn purchase.

Rating for the Sweet Corn Festival


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