Downtown Ravenna Farmer's Market -- Ravenna, OH

The Downtown Ravenna Farmer's Market takes place on Thursday of each week from 11-2 in the parking lot on the corner of Meridian St. and Cedar St. This location includes plenty of parking on site and on the surrounding streets.

Although the market is held at what I thought was an off peak time, there was a decent crowd when I arrived at noon. It seems as though a lot of people go to this farmer's market during their lunch hour. I stopped by on a whim and wasn't prepared to do any actual shopping, so for the most part I just perused the vendors.

I'm looking forward to going back next week for some apples from Stotler's Orchard. Last fall I picked apples there with some friends and it was a fun experience. Dave and I will go back there for a review once it's apple picking time again, until then, I'll be enjoying a bag of apples.

I'm always hesitant to purchase fresh produce without having a recipe in mind, so next week I'll bring a list of ingredients that I hope to find at the farmer's market. The Ravenna farmer's market included a variety of options from local vendors.

Scratch Food was the food truck on site for the event. She was serving two types of combos, one was a grilled cheese paired with fresh fruit and lemonade, the other was BBQ chicken sliders with the fresh fruit and lemonade. 

I enjoyed the Triple Decker Grilled Cheese combo for lunch.

How awesome does this look? Everyone back at the office was pretty envious of my grilled cheese. This sandwich included American cheese, Swiss cheese, red onions and pickles. The combo was more than enough food for me and I was pretty happy eating it.

Overall, I did enjoy stopping by for lunch, but I wish the farmer's market had different hours. It would be easy for me to stop on my way home from work to pick-up fresh vegetables and fruit for dinner. The location is great for parking, but it's in a ho-hum area of Ravenna, there aren't a lot of other businesses close to the farmer's market that might benefit from it being held in that location -- although I'm not sure if there is a better location in downtown Ravenna.

I was happy with the variety of produce, the cost of the items and the lunch that I purchased from Scratch food truck.

My rating for the Downtown Ravenna Farmer's Market:


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