Tree City Coffee & Pastry -- Kent, OH

Our favorite coffee shop is Tree City Coffee in Kent. We frequent Acorn Alley and never get tired of their coffee. We stopped by this past weekend for some coffee and treats as a way to jump start our Sunday morning.

Tree City has a blackboard out front which rotates quotes, drawings and coffee specials. 

The decor inside is pretty industrial, we've never actually sat inside Tree City to drink our coffee, because the tables are usually full by the time we get there. Don't worry though, there's plenty of outdoor seating nearby if you don't want your drink to go.

You place your order after the delicious case of pastries. 

Like most coffee shops, you pick-up your order in a different place to keep the line moving. There is fruit/vegetable infused water available for sipping at this end of the bar if you're parched while waiting for your coffee.

Just after Tree City there are steps which lead up to an outdoor patio, this plaza contains Popped! and the Kent Cheesemonger (soon to open). There are plenty of benches and tables in that area and it's a nice quiet place to enjoy your coffee.

Dave ordered the White Chocolate Frappe (contains no coffee) and I ordered the Iced Vanilla Latte.

I also ordered a Vanilla Cheesecake Pop. 

Dave got a chocolate chip cookie.

As per usual, we were very pleased with our visit to Tree City Coffee, although the tables in the coffee shop are always filled, we never have any difficulty navigating through the line. The chocolate chip cookie was pretty big and filled with chocolate chips. The vanilla cheesecake pop was perfect for someone, like me, who just wanted something a little sweet. The White Chocolate Frappe was the drink that we liked the best, but the Iced Vanilla Latte was good too. Tree City has a lengthy list of flavor syrups if you'd prefer to customize your own drink. They also make their own peanut butter and have several peanut butter sandwich options available (cooler than it sounds, think gourmet peanut butter sandwiches) if you're stopping in for a quick lunch or dinner.

My rating of Tree City Coffee:


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