Hartville Flea Market -- Hartville, OH

The Hartville Flea Market is open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00am-5:00pm. The market is open year round and includes both an indoor and outdoor portion. The day we went was a gorgeous sunny day, so we spent the bulk of our time exploring the outdoor potion which can hold up to 800 vendors. Spaces are rented on a first come, first serve basis, so the vendors will vary.

The cover photo is a spoon bracelet created by Two Twisted Gypsies. I've linked their Etsy shop if you're interested in making a purchase, Dave talked me out of a spoon bracelet, but I will likely be ordering one in the future. They were one of my favorite vendors that we saw on Saturday, their jewelry was incredibly original and would be a perfect statement piece.

Due to the variety of vendors, you never know what you'll find, like these $3 nun-chucks. 

Dave and I feel in love with this Ohio sign and made it our next purchase. The Hartville Flea Market is one of the few places in your life where it is totally appropriate to haggle. According to my brother, you should never pay sticker price, but rather make the vendor an offer. We knocked $3 off the sticker price of this sign just by asking.

One of our favorite stops the entire day was picking up cupcakes from the MAD bakery. The baker is a twelve year old named Madeline and all of her cupcakes are made from scratch (she also sold made from scratch dog treats). My brother and I each picked up a cupcake, they were $1.50 each, but were well worth the price. 

Pink lemonade cupcake from the MAD bakery. 

The Hartville Flea Market is full of all sorts of exotic food items, my brother said that one of his favorite vendors is the man who sells exotic jerky. 

After spending several hours outside, we went inside to check out some of the vendors in the Hartville Marketplace. One of our favorite vendors in the Marketplace is The Pierogi Lady, aside from having a stationary business in the Marketplace, The Pierogi Lady also travels to various local festivals and flea markets -- if you ever see her tent, make sure to stop by she makes really awesome pierogis in a variety of fun flavors. 

Our Ohio sign getting some love once we were done at the Flea Market.

Due to how nice the weather was, we spent about three and a half hours at the Hartville Flea Market on the day we visited. We were able to see about 95% of the outdoor vendors and all of the indoor vendors in that time. Make sure to bring cash if you'd like to make purchases, while some vendors do use Square to take credit cards, not many do and cash is the only option that you'll have. We spent about $30.00 total on the various things that we purchased, but it's free to walk around and check out various wares. Here's my rating for the Hartville Flea Market:

Items on sale vary from knickknacks to furniture, so the prices really do vary. Hartville Flea Market has a very nice layout, while there are some brand new items, craft items and food, a lot of it really just is things that people don't want anymore, but you know what they say, "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Everyone is incredibly friendly and most encourage you to make a deal to try for a lower price. The Hartville Flea Market is a great place to spend a Saturday morning and if you can resist making a purchase it's a free activity.


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