Tulipán Hungarian Pastry and Coffee Shop -- Wooster, OH

Tulipán Hungarian Bakery is located in Wooster, a brief walk from the Wayne County Common Pleas Court. There are several other cafe's and shops located in this area as well, it's a popular location for people to visit during their lunch hour. Tulipán is owned by Elizabeth Lakatos who emigrated from Hungary, bringing with her traditional family recipes. Her daughter Lilly helps to manage the shop as well. 

Aside from pastries, Tulipán offers coffee, breakfast and brunch items. Rolled omelettes, soups, open-faced sandwiches, and crêpes are served all day. 

I'm pretty jealous that Dave has such a wonderful lunch location so near to his work. I'm not in the Wooster area often, but since Dave works downtown he's been exploring the surrounding restaurants and shops. He thought Tulipán looked interesting and offered to take some photos and purchase some pastries for us to try for Ohio Wanderlust. Dave came home and gave me the full report about his experience at Tulipán and he brought home an assortment of goodies to share with me.

We tried four of their pastries as described below: 

Meringue Ultra: This dessert had a meringue shell with raspberry jam filling -- similar to a macaron. The shell was nice and crunchy. Sweet, but airy, a nice very light treat.

Nut Kifli: This pastry wasn't too sweet, it would be a great coffee or breakfast pastry. The filling was similar to the filling that's in a nut roll, but the dough itself wasn't sugary.

Nut Roll: Nut rolls aren't usually my favorite pastry, but Dave loves them, so he was happy with this one.

Dobos Torte: Since Dave went to Tulipán on a work day, I wasn't even aware that they sold dobos torte. I was so happy that he brought a slice home. Growing up this was my favorite recipe of my grandma's and it's still what I request for my birthday cake yearly. Of course, nothing can compare to my grandma's recipe, but this one was still very good. This was Dave's first time having dobos torte, he liked the contrasts between the sponge cake, light frosting and crisp caramel.

My review of Tulipán Hungarian Pastry and Coffee Shop:


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